Jolly Pirate Ship

Le Toy Van NZ

SKU: TV341

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The Le Toy Van Jolly Pirate Ship will inspire lots of jolly adventures! With many exciting features that involve manual movement, the children will develop important coordination and dexterity skills while creating lots of imaginative stories!

The painted blue and red trims, wooden effect details and big fabric sails will immerse the little ones into an exciting world of pirate adventures, and the size makes it perfect for playing together with friends and siblings.

The fun play features include a crow's nest, rigging, a turning helm, a 'walk the plank', a deck trap-door, wind-up anchor, opening stern and a cannon.

Scaled to suit any play figures around 10cm in height, such as the Le Toy Van Budkins.

With lots of play features, there's plenty to explore, and the beautifully painted wood offers lasting durability
Lots of manually moving features, such as a turning helm, 'walk the plank', a trap door and a wind-up anchor
Includes a rear opening stern for full access, so children can easily reach all accessories and features
Different textures and features encourage hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

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